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As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey, you don't ​have to go it alone. The Dream Builders Collective, ​powered by the Dream Center, offers a supportive ​community and a rich tapestry of resources designed to ​elevate your business endeavors. Here, innovation meets ​practicality, and ambition meets guidance, all crafted to ​help you succeed spectacularly. Dive into a world where ​your business dreams are nurtured and where every step ​you take is towards greater achievement. Join us today ​and start building not just a business, but a legacy.

HI Entrepreneur!

trust us, we know HOW YOU FEEL!

Are you facing hurdles in your entrepreneurial journey?

Have you set ambitious benchmarks that now seem daunting?

Are you questioning your capability to achieve your business goals?

Launching and growing a successful enterprise is within your reach with the ​Dream Builders Collective. As part of our community, you gain access to a wealth ​of tailored resources designed to accelerate your success. Dive into expert-led ​courses that sharpen your skills, explore extensive grant opportunities to fund ​your innovations, secure potential contracts, and leverage media exposures to ​elevate your brand presence. All within a supportive network of fellow ​entrepreneurs who are just as driven and passionate as you are.

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Imagine This

Experience the Transformative Benefits ​of the Dream Builders Collective:






You have the potential and the passion to transform your business dreams into reality. The challenge isn't ​just finding where to start, but how to keep moving forward effectively. Imagine a community that offers ​you not just a roadmap, but a robust suite of resources, expert guidance, and invaluable connections.

Marseil ‘Action’


Hello, I’m Marseil Jackson, the CEO of the Dream Center ​and your guide on this exciting entrepreneurial journey.

From starting my first business at the age of 15 to securing ​over a million dollars in grants and valuable government ​contracts, I’ve navigated the complexities of growing ​successful enterprises from the ground up. I’m also the host ​of "The Brunch Bunch" on Inspiration 1390AM, where I ​connect with a diverse audience to share insights and ​encouragement every day.

My experiences have not only been recognized on major ​news outlets but have also fueled my passion for ​empowering others. I am committed to helping aspiring ​entrepreneurs like you unlock your potential and achieve ​your dreams. Through the Dream Builders Collective, I aim ​to provide you with the essential resources, support, and ​connections needed to thrive in today’s dynamic business ​environment.

Let’s embark on this journey together, turning your vision ​into a thriving reality.

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ALINA jo​nes

"Being a member of the Dream Center has been a game-changing experience for me. ​When I first joined, I only had a business idea and a lot of uncertainties. Marseil Jackson ​not only helped to crystallize that idea into a viable business plan but also connected me ​with the right people and resources to get it off the ground. His personal commitment to ​ensuring each member receives the support they need to start or grow their business is ​truly remarkable. Thanks to Marseil and the Dream Center, I now run a thriving business ​that started from a simple dream."


DREAm builders


Join the Dream Builders Collective—an empowering online community crafted for ​entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners like you. As part of your membership, you'll dive ​into an enriching experience designed to transform your business ideas into profitable realities. ​Throughout your time with us, you’ll receive guidance on essential business strategies, from ​initial concept development to dynamic business growth. Whether you're just starting out or ​aiming to expand your existing operations, the Dream Builders Collective provides the ​expertise, resources, and connections needed to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

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What you will learn


Launch Like a Pro: Starting Your ​Business

Dive into the essentials of launching ​your business, exploring everything from ​validating your idea and conducting ​thorough market research to selecting ​the right legal structure.



Growth Hacking: Strategies to ​Scale

    • Unlock powerful techniques to expand ​your business, focusing on optimizing ​operations, enhancing marketing efforts, ​and broadening your customer base to ​drive substantial growth.



Grant Mastery: Funding Your ​Vision

Learn how to navigate the world of ​grants with precision, from identifying ​relevant opportunities and ​understanding eligibility requirements to ​crafting winning proposals.


Contract Wins: Securing ​Government Deals

Gain insights into securing government ​contracts, including how to understand ​the procurement process, meet ​compliance standards, and successfully ​bid to become a government supplier.

Digital Dominance: Marketing for ​Success

Explore the digital landscape to ​effectively promote your business ​online, leveraging social media, SEO, and ​content marketing to engage audiences ​and convert leads.

Networking for Growth: Building ​Valuable Connections

Develop skills to effectively network and ​create strategic partnerships, enhancing ​your business’s reach and unlocking new ​opportunities through collaboration.

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Enhance your entrepreneurial journey ​with access to a comprehensive suite of ​resources designed for business ​success.

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Comprehensive Course Library

Access a wide range of expert-led courses ​covering essential business topics from startup ​fundamentals to advanced growth strategies.


Grant and Contract Resources

Utilize curated guides and templates to navigate the complexities of securing grants and government contracts.


Customizable Business Templates

Regular live Q&A sessions where you can get personalized feedback and guidance from instructors.

Interactive Workshops and ​Webinars


Participate in regular workshops and webinars ​that offer live interaction with business leaders ​and industry experts, providing real-time support ​and learning.


Explore more benefits ​offered in the Dream ​Builders Collective ​Membership:

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Press conference or interview concept. Microphones of different mass media, radio, tv and press prepared for conference meeting.


Personalized Mentorship

Benefit from direct mentorship from experienced ​entrepreneurs and business professionals who ​can provide guidance tailored to your specific ​challenges and goals.


Private Community Access

Join an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs where you can network, share ideas, and find collaboration opportunities.


Media and Publicity Opportunities

Gain access to media opportunities that can help elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility in the market.


Ongoing Support and Updates

Receive continuous updates and support, ensuring ​you have the most current information and ​resources at your fingertips.

Explore Our Curriculum ​and Resources

Our classes and resources offer a dynamic framework for ​entrepreneurs to enhance their skills, deepen their industry ​knowledge, and propel their business ambitions. Each ​component is designed to provide practical, actionable ​insights that you can immediately apply to see real results.